Use the quality equipment you need on a project-to-project basis with the Pacific Tractor & Implement rental program. Our staff can help you find the high-performance, hassle-free equipment rental you need to get the job done right.

Rental Equipment

4WD Tractors (w/ Loader)

Kubota B2301
Kubota L2501


Dressta TD 9S (HE)

Excavators (w/ Thumb)

Liugong 908D (HE)

Implements & Misc.

Box Scraper
Log Splitter
Pallet Forks
Rotary Cutters

Skid Steers (w/ Bucket)

Boxer 525DX
Kubota SVL75-2
Kubota SVL95-2S

Wheel Loaders (w/ Bucket)

Kubota R530
Liugong 835 III (HE)
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Hauling Fee & Other Information

Rental Duration:

  • Day Rent: Up to 8 hours on the meter, 24 hours from store
  • Week Rent: Up to 40 hours on the meter, 7 days from store
  • Month Rent: Up to 120 hours on the meter, 30 days from store

*Hour overages will result in extra fees.

Pickup & Delivery Hours:

Monday - Friday 8:00AM-5:00PM

Delivery Fees:

  • 1-10 Miles - $105.00
  • 11-15 Miles - $157.50
  • 16-20 Miles - $210.00
  • 20-25 Miles - $262.50

Heavy Equipment (HE) Delivery Fees:

  • 1-10 Miles - $315.00
  • 11-15 Miles - 367.50
  • 16-20 Miles - $420.00
  • 20-25 Miles - $472.50

*Saturday rentals are a minimum of 2 days if delivery and pickup is needed. The unit will be delivered Friday and picked up the following Monday. In the event Pacific Tractor & Implement is closed on that Monday, the pickup will be on the following Tuesday at no extra cost to the customer.

*We require a minimum of a 3/4 Ton towing vehicle combined with the appropriate trailer rated for with weight of the unit and is equipped with trailer brakes. Failure to provide an adequate hauling setup will result in denial of rental.

*Units are sent out clean and expected to return in the same condition they went out. Pacific Tractor & Implement will enforce a minimum $200.00 cleaning fee.

*Units are sent out full of fuel and expected to return full of fuel. Pacific Tractor & Implement will enforce a $7.25/gal refuelling fee.