Use the quality equipment you need on a project-to-project basis with the Pacific Tractor & Implement rental program. Our staff can help you find the high-performance, hassle-free equipment rental you need to get the job done right.

Rental Equipment

Utility Vehicle

Kubota RTV-900 Diesel

Front Wheel Loader

Kubota R530

Tractor Attachments

BB1260 Box Scapper
Brush Hogs (Mowers)/Rotary Cutters


Kubota U25
Kubota U35
Kubota KX91

Skid Steers

Boxer 332D
Boxer 525DX
Boxer Auger Attachment
Boxer Trencher Attachment
Boxer Bucket Attachments
Boxer Light Material Bucket
Trailer for Boxer
Kubota SVL75
Kubota SVL95
Iron Wolf Head Mulching Head (Only for Kubota SVL95)


Kubota B2301
Kubota L6060
Kubota L2501
Kubota B2650
Reserve Rental Equipment



Hauling Fee & Other Information

*Delivery Fee:

  • 1-10 Miles - $90
  • 11-15 Miles - $135
  • 16-20 Miles - $180

*If rented for Saturday- we can drop off Friday night and can pick up on Monday morning if no other rental is scheduled for Sunday.

*If picked up on Friday no later than 2:30pm and no later than 2:30pm on Saturday to drop off


  • Day Rent: 8 hours or less on meter & 24 hours from store
  • Week Rent: 40 hours or less on meter & 7 days from store
  • Month Rent: 120 hours or less on meter & 30 days from store


Units are always clean & full of diesel on their way out and are expected to come back the same way. Refueling fee is $6.75 per gallon and cleaning fee is a minimum of $90.